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Spending time in a hostel can be hard if the rooms don’t get proper ventilation. For that reason, at Petit Hostel we consider an essential to offer the possibility to breathe clean and renewed air 24 hours a day. Forget about opening the windows to avoid bad smells and stuffy air. That would distemper the room.


At Petit Hostel we have an innovative ventilation system that gradually replaces stale air with a new and fresh one in order to provide the maximum possible comfort during your stay. You will not find strange smells or pollen particles inside our accommodation. We want you to feel even better than at home!


As Madrid has a highly variable weather, the hostel is equiped with an advanced air conditioning system in every room to adapt the temperature to each season. Hot summer nights won´t be a problem thanks to our air conditioning. And wh at to say about the winter when you can enjoy a warm coffee while chatting with your friends to the warm of the heating in our common area. We want you to stay with us!

Do you want to know more about the air renewal systems or the air conditioning of the Petit Hostel? Call us at (+34) 680 208 950 or send and email to

Welcome to Petit Hostel!