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At Petit Hostel we know that today nobody thinks about going on a trip without a camera or without a mobile phone, especially when travelling to a city as beautiful and cool as Madrid! That is why in our hostel we have arranged everything so that you do not run out of battery. The era of asking waiters to charge your phone while you have dinner or having to leave your friends because you have to wait for your phone to charge next to a foreign plug is over. At Petit Hostel you won’t have to worry about your battery.


In our common area you will find several plugs where you can charge your laptop while you work or give your cell a boost of energy while enjoying a pleasant conversation with other like minded travellers. But that is not all! Do not worry if you find the common plugs occupied because in your room you have an exclusive one just for yourself.


Each indivial bunk bed at Petit Hostel includes a plug and a USB socket. That means that if you are one of those who enjoy charging your phone at night you are in luck because in our hostel you can recharge the battery of two electronic devices at the same time without fear of waking up and never seeing them again. Take note that the plug and the USB socket of your bed only work when inserting your personal keycard in the keycard holder. This keycard is the same one you use to access the hostel, your bedroom and to open your personal locker. This way we can assure you that none of your roommates will be tempted to use your plugs to charge their devices.

Are you intriged to come experience for yourself a stay at Petit Hostel? Remember that if you have any questions about the rooms or want support to make your reservation, you can always contact our team via email or via telepphone (+34) 680 208 950.

We are waiting for you!