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One of the biggest fears when sharing a room is the possibility of losing your personal belongings. At Petit Hostel you will not have to worry about that since you can store all of your luggage in your personal locker, free of charge and very safely.

Do not carry extra weight when visiting Madrid: in our accommodation you have the convenience of leaving your valuables locked up.


Easy peasy! Each room has numbered drawers under the bunk beds and single beds with plenty of space to store your suitcase, backpack or all purchases you make after a walk on the Gran Vía. Having the locker in your own room means you will have everything at hand so you can feel as comfortable as possible during your stay in the hostel.


In the same way that you access the hostel or turn on the reading light next your bed, just by bringing your personal Petit Hostel key-card to the drawer under your bed, you can open or close the locker. Easier and more comfortable? Impossible!

This way you avoid the hassle of having to use coins for the lockers or bother guests who have not brought a lock for the trip.

The lockers have a standard size so that different suitcases can fit: 32 cm high, 90 cm wide and 98 cm deep.

Have we still not convinced you to stay in this great hostel on your upcoming visit to Madrid? If you have any questions related to the lockers or our rooms, remember that you can contact our team via email or via the following telephone number (+34) 680 208 950.

We are looking forward to meeting you!