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We clearly are not a 5 star hotel, however that doesn’ t mean that Petit Hostel does not have premium benefits and a daily room cleaning service so you can find everything perfect during your stay in our hostel. You should only have to worry about enjoying your visit to Madrid and we take care of the rest!


Stroll through the city with peace of mind of knowing that when you return to your room, it will be as clean as the day you arrived. All we ask is that you keep your space collected and that, if you witness an accident related to liquids or stains in the room, let us know so we can solve it as soon as possible.


Remember that, in addition to our impeccable cleaning service, at Petit Hostel we have an innovative air renewal system that works great. This means that, as much as your neighbor’s feet smell, you can enjoy a comfortable stay without any strange odors thanks to the clean and fresh air that you will find in all the rooms of the hostel.

There are many accommodations in the center of Madrid, but surely none suits your needs as much as Petit Hostel.

Find the perfect room with us!