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Isn’t it amazing how much space towels take up in your luggage? In Petit Hostel, you will not have to struggle to fit your towel in your luggage, as we are happy to offer a towel during your entire stay! At our hostel, we want you to have a comfortable stay and enjoy the city to the fullest. Do not expect to find a bustling and unhygienic space, in our hostel we guarantee at all times a clean accommodation for you.


Forget about having to bring your own towel or having to pay for one in good condition. With your reservation at Petit Hostel, you will have a clean and soft towel to enjoy the moment of showering just like you would at home. In addition, in the bathrooms of all rooms you will find shampoo and soap so you do not have to carry heavy toiletries during your trip to Madrid. Do you need anything else? Do not hesitate to send us all your suggestions by email.


We know that there is nothing more pleasant than taking a shower after a long day. Therefore, as you enter your room you will find your towel completely clean inside the locker that corresponds to your bunk bed. The locker opens and locks with your keycard. Can it get easier than this? Impossible!

Remember that if you have any questions about the hostel’s services or are staying here and would like to contact the Petit Hostel team, you can always do so by calling (+34) 680 208 950 or write us an email to

We are waiting for you!